Don Hughes Consolidated Holdings Ltd

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The Don Hughes Consolidated Holdings Ltd (1960 – April 1977) was a theatrical agency and production company.

Also found as Don Hughes Consolidated Holdings, Don Hughes Productions and the Don Hughes Organisation

The company

The company was founded by Don Hughes in 1960 and served as a wide-ranging management company that owned and operated a theatrical agency, 14 discotheques, 3 theatres, a music publishing company, a record production company and hotel reservation company. The company had a number of subsidiaries (e.g. Don Hughes Productions and the Don Hughes Organisation) and was a member of the South African Association of Theatre Managements (SAATM).

In 1977 Hughes moved to the USA to become the President/CEO of International Attractions Inc in Beverly Hills, California (April 1977 – December 1984), and the local company ceased to exist.

Productions and activities


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