Die Vooraand

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Die Vooraand ("The evening before") is a documentary drama in three acts by J.R.L. van Bruggen (1895-1948).

Also referred to by the title Die Vooraand van die Trek ("the evening before the Trek") in some sources.

The original text

A play about Piet Retief and the beginnings of the Great Trek, written at the behest of Die Brandwag (as part of their contribution to the celebration of the Great Trek centenary). Published in 1934 by Voortrekkerpers as Die Vooraand, and a number of times afterward.

According to Dekker (1958:342, cited by Keuris, 2013) this depiction of Retief in Graaff-Reinet during 1837 apparently evolved into part of the plays that would make up Bakens: Gedramatiseerde mylpale uit die Groot Trek, the collection of Afrikaans one-act documentary plays by Van Bruggen commemorating the Great Trek of 1838. (Published in Johannesburg in 1938/9 by A.P.B.).


1938: Performed as Die Vooraand van die Trek in the town of Weenen[1] on Tuesday 13 Desember at 7:45 pm. by the Dramatiese Vereniging van Weenen as part of their contribution to the celebrations.


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