Die Perdesmous

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Die Perdesmous ("the horse trader") is a TV film by Manie van Rensburg (1945–1993).

The film

Written by Johan van Jaarsveld, directed by Manie van Rensburg, with Mees Xteen, Wilma Stockenström and André Rossouw as leads. The rest of the cast included Johan van Jaarsveld, Elizabeth Archer, Ian Roberts, Babs Laker, Emile Aucamp, Marga van Rooy, Ralph van Pletzen, Glynn Day, Jannie Gildenhuys, Limpie Basson, Etienne Pienaar, Carol Lupton, John Lawrence, Gerhard Voges, Dawie Maritz, Johan Liebenberg, Ben Blanckenberg, Albert Maritz, Koos de Villiers, Danie Botha and Louis de Villiers.

The crew included Tai Krige (cinematography), Nena Olwage (film editing), Jeni Halliday (production design), Sue Mellish (makeup), Richard Green (production manager), Francien le Roux (design assistant), Anton van der Linde (sound), Keith Rose (camera assistant), Ansi Gröschl (continuity) and Lynne Swanwick (production assistant).

Produced by Visio Film Produksies in 1982.

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