Have a Heart, Mrs. Dove!

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Have a Heart, Mrs. Dove! is a one-act comedy by James Lodge (1915-1995).

The original text

The play is described as "The first heart transplant play ever written 1st July 1969" and envisages a future in which heart transplants have become purely commercial transactions.

Performance text published by DALRO in 1970.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Afrikaans by Niel van Zyl and titled Die Hartomkeer ("Heart turnover").

Performance history in South Africa


The performance text of Have a Heart, Mrs. Dove!, DALRO Playscript, 1970.

Sydney Paul Gosher. 1988. A Historical and Critical Survey of the South African One-act Play Written in English. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Pretoria: University of South Africa.

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