Die Antrittsrede der Amerikanischen Päpstin

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Die Antrittsrede der Amerikanischen Päpstin ("The Inaugral Address of the American Popess") is a German one-woman play by Argentinian-German playwright Esther Vilar (1935-)[1].

Also found as Die Amerikanische Päpstin ("The American Popess")

The original text

Originally written and performed in 1982 in German as Die Antrittsrede der Amerikanischen Päpstin (El discurso inaugural de la papisa Americana in Spanish), it was and published by Lauke, 1992.

Performance history in South Africa

1985: Staged in Afrikaans, translated by Linda van den Bergh as Pous Johanna II, presented by CAPAB, directed by Mario Schiess. This production originally premiered as one of the productions at the Market Theatre's Women's Festival in April of 1985, and was then performed at the Nico Malan Theatre in June 1985 and the Kleinteater, Skinner street Pretoria 12-23 November 1985. Jana Cilliers in the role of Pope Joan II. Design by Skip Wright, costumes by Heather McDonald.

2001: Staged in English as The American Popess in the Wits Theatre Complex in March 2001, directed by Mark Graham, with Jana Cilliers (as "Pope Joan II") and Galeboe Moabi. The same production was subsequently performed in various venues across South Africa.

2004: Staged as Pous Johanna in a new Afrikaans translation by Saartjie Botha at the KKNK, with Jana Cilliers, directed by Mark Graham.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Afrikaans in 1984 as Pous Johanna II by Linda van den Bergh.

Translated into Afrikaans in 2004 as Pous Johanna by Saartjie Botha.




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