Dié kant dáái kant

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("This Side, That Side" - Afrikaans) by Melvin Whitebooi. A play about the divisions in the black sports organisations in the 1980s, with the outspoken anti-apartheid body SACOS on the one side, and the more moderate and flexible SA Sports Federation on the other).

First performed by Cape Flats Players in 1984 in the Baxter Studio, starring Ivan Sylvester, Sandra Braaf, Colleen Cupido, Peter Braaf, Paul Cookson, Bertram Adams and Phlancia Adams, then again at the Kellerprinz Dramafees in 1986.


Melvin Whitebooi An obituary by Peter Braaf in Tydskrif vir Letterkunde, 49 (1) 2012.

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