De Vriendschap

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("The Friendship") was Dutch social club modelled on the Afrikaansche Societeit and founded in Cape Town around 1815 as a result of the increasing Anglicisation of the latter. They were involved in a number of theatrical activities in the period, their musical group often assisting in productions. [JH/TH]

Production involvement

Montoni, of Het kasteel van Udolpho (Duval/Radcliffe, tr Bruggemans) was produced by Vlyt en Kunst in the African Theatre on 10 September 1836, alongside the afterpiece Nognetzoo (Boniface), a one-act comedy called Het Fancy Bal!!!, and, as an interlude, a "zeer prachtig Transparant" ("a very beautiful transparency" (as cited by Bosman)by Den Heer Poortemans. Assistance was provided by the musical group of De Vriendschap.


Bosman, 1928: pp 336

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