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There appear to be two plays named Die Versöhnung ("The reconciliation" or "the appeasement") in German, one by August von Kotzebue (1798) and another by Andreas Josef von Guttenberg (1800). Both apparently generated from Vienna at approximately the same time, though they are clearly different plays. Both have been performed in South Africa.

Die Versöhnung Ein Schauspiel in Funf Akten vom by August von Kotzebue (1798)

A German play in five acts ("Ein Schauspiel in Funf Akten") by August von Kotzebue (1761 – 1819). Better known under its full title of Bruderzwist, oder Die Versöhnung, and widely translated, inter alia into French, Dutch and English.

See further Bruderzwist, oder Die Versöhnung

Die Versöhnung: Ein Schauspiel in 4 Aufzügen vom Andreas Josef von Guttenberg (1800)

A German play in four acts by Andreas Josef von Guttenberg (1770 - 1817).

It may also be known as Vergeben und Vergessen

The original text

Originally published under this title as a four act play by Joseph Lindauer, Munich, 1800.

According to Goedeke and Diesch (2011, p 169) however, the play was soon renamed Vergeben und Vergessen to distinguish it from Von Kotzebue's play, and published under that title by Costenoble, Tagebücher in 1807.(However Vergeben und Vergessen is described as a 3 act comedy by the authors.)

Translations and adaptations

Translated and freely adapted into Dutch as De Bevrediging ("The appeasement" or "the satisfaction"), a play in five acts, by an anonymous author. Published by Wed. J. Dóll, Amsterdam 1801.

South African performances

1818: Performed in Dutch in Cape Town on 18 July as De Bevrediging by Tot Nut en Vermaak.


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Facsimile version of the 1800 German text, Google eBook[2]

Facsimile version of the 1801 Dutch text, Google eBook[3]

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