Before Breakfast

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Before Breakfast: A Play in One Act, by Eugene O'Neill (1888-1953).

Original text

Published New York: Frank Shay, 1916.

Performance history of the play in South Africa

Performed for the Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society in 1928, featuring Dorothy Teubes.

Translations and adaptations of O'Neill's play

Adapted in 1952 as an opera, Dark Sonnet, by Scottish composer Erik Chisholm (1904–1965)

Performance history of the opera, Dark Sonnet, in South Africa

1952: Presented by University of Cape Town Opera Company, conducted by Erik Chisholm and directed by Gregorio Fiasconaro.

2004: Presented by Cape Town Opera in a double bill with Chisolm's The Pardoner’s Tale (5–7 February


The Mime, 1(2), 1928.

Wayne Muller. 2018. A reception history of opera in Cape Town: Tracing the development of a distinctly South African operatic aesthetic (1985–2015). Unpublished PhD thesis.

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