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The Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS) is a music archive located in the Music Library of the Music Department of Stellenbosch University of Stellenbosch. Formally created in 2005, its the main holdings encompass acquisitions, donations or bequests to the library over more than fifty years. While the collections are mostly of South African importance, in some cases there are also collections of international significance. Some of the most important collections in DOMUS are those of Michael Scott, Albert Coates, Arnold van Wyk (housed in the J.S. Gericke Library) Walter Swanson, Graham Newcater, Frits Stegmann, Charles Weich and Rosa Nepgen.

In 2016 the Centre expanded with the founding of the Africa Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation as an independent entity from the Music Department. The institute developed from the DOMUS, but remains connected to it through its funding of the DOMUS archive, its intellectual and creative programmes, curating activities, archival collection initiatives and core vision.

The collections include material on musical theatre and opera as well.


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