D.S. Bothasaal

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The D.S. Bothasaal was a hall belonging to the ACVV in Merriman Lane in Stellenbosch.

Referred to simply as the Bothasaal in some sources or as the Botha Hall in English.

The hall

The hall was often used for meetings, church services and theatrical performances, including some of the early plays put on by the student dramatic society in the 1950s and in particular by the drama students of the University in the time the University was engaged in replacing the old Hollandse Saal that the department had been using with the new H.B. Thom Theatre.


Plays performed there over the years include:

Periandros van Korinthe (D.J. Opperman, 1955)

Die Braaiboud (Beukes, 1965)

A Phoenix too Frequent (Fry, 1965)

Die Koning Sterf (Ionesco, 1966)



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