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Corpse! (1984) by actor and playwright Gerald Moon [1]. The play was first performed at the Strand Theatre in London, England with Colin Baker, Jack Watling, and Jean Reeve in the cast. Corpse! is set in London in 1936, and tells the story of twin brothers, one of whom plots to murder the other in the most unusual circumstances . Evelyn, an out of work actor, engages the genial Irishman Powell, with a shady past, to do away with his suave, sophisticated, monied twin. Their plotting in Evelyn's Aladdin's cave of a flat is punctuated by the visits of a delightfully theatrical landlady. As with most fool proof plans, things do not go as they should and people are not what they seem.

Published by Samuel French.

Performance history in South Africa

Presented by Pieter Toerien by arrangement with Robert Fox. Opened at the Alhambra Theatre 6 September 1987, directed by Terrence Shank, starring Rex Garner (Major Ambrose Powell), Eckard Rabe (Evelyn Farrant/Rupert Farrant), Christine le Brocq (Mrs McGee) and Rufus Swart (Hawkins). The production moved to the Baxter Theatre and the Natal Playhouse in November 1987. Lighting by Jannie Swanepoel, set design by Kay Page, costume designer and co-ordinator John Tullis

Translations and adaptations


Corpse! theatre programme, 1987.

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