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Copenhagen is a 1998 play by Michael Frayn [1].


Based around an event that occurred in Copenhagen in 1941, a meeting between the physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. The spirits of Heisenberg, Bohr and Bohr's wife Margrethe, meet after their deaths to attempt to answer the question that Margrethe poses in the first line of the play, "Why did he [Heisenberg] come to Copenhagen?" They spend the remainder of the two-act drama presenting, debating and rejecting theories that may answer that question. (Wikipedia [2])

The original text

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

2000: In 2000 Maurice Podbrey directed three different productions of the play: In March Nicky Rebelo, Jennifer Steyn and Dale Cutts played the three roles. In July it was staged at Hilton College and in the Square Space Theatre in Natal, with Podbrey, Tim Wells and Catherine Farren. Later in the year it was staged in Cape Town, with Podbrey, André Jacobs and Aletta Bezuidenhout.


Sunday Independent, 5 March 2000.

Natal Witness, 6 July 2000.

Die Burger, 30 December 2000.

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