Concerning the Life of Babyboy Kleintjies

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Concerning the Life of Babyboy Kleintjies is a play by Athol Fugard (1932- ) and Paula Fourie (1985-).

The original play

The plot of the play is described as follows in the original publicity issued by the Fugard Theatre: "On a Stellenbosch winter’s night, a trio of beggars – Lappies, Riempie and Vink – sheltering under a road bridge over the Eersteriver are joined by a young vagrant woman, Marie, who brings with her an unexpected find. Their night spent together huddled under the bridge rushes to a violent conclusion during which the beggars and Marie – so too, the actors and the audience – are confronted with harsh truths about themselves and the society we live in."

Written and developed in Stellenbosch under the auspices of the Cape Town based Fugard Theatre, the play was to have had its world premiere in The Laboratory at the Adam Small Complex in Stellenbosch on 16 April 2020, playing for a strictly limited two week run. However, the opening was postponed because of the national lockdown regulations for the COVID-19 pandemic.


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