Come Back, Africa

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Come Back, Africa is film by Lionel Rogosin (1924-2000)[1].

The film

An immensely influential, feature-length, hybrid of fiction and documentary, the film is based on an outline script and utilises improvised scenes by ordinary people and artists. In a range of scenes it chronicles the life of Zachariah, a black South African living under Apartheid in 1959.

Produced by Lionel Rogosin Films, directed by Lionel Rogosin with a screenplay written by Rogosin, Lewis Nkosi and Bloke Modisane, with cinematography by Ernst Artaria and Emil Knebel; sound by Walter Wettler, editing by Carl Lerner and music by Lucy Brown, also featuring the music of Chatur Lal. The cast included Zacharia Mgabi, Vinah Bendile, Miriam Makeba, George Malebye, Morris Hugh, Hazel Futa, Lewis Nkosi, Bloke Modisane, Can Themba, Myrtle Berman, Piet Beyleveld, Jan Hoogendyk, Alexander Sackville and Sarah Sackville.

It premiered at the 1959 Venice Film Festival.

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