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Colin Stamp (1917–2001) was a businessman, broadcaster, author and sometime actor.


Born Josiah (Jos) Colin Stamp on 22 December, 1917 in Twickenham, the third son of Sir Josiah Charles Stamp. He was a graduate of Queens’ College Cambridge. During World War II he was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve and afterwards joined first Barclays Bank and then American Express.

He came to South Africa in 1948 and became managing director of the local American Express office, remaining here till 1971, when he returned to England. His father, the 1st Baron Stamp, his wife Lady Olive Stamp and Colin’s oldest brother, William, had all been killed during an air raid in April 1941.

Colin was married twice, first to Althea Dawes (in 1940) and then to Gillian Tatham (in 1958). He died in Hammersmith & Fulham, London, on 10 May, 2001.

Contribution to South African theatre, film, media and performance

He gave regular travel talks on the SABC and became a household name.

He produced at least one travel documentary (entitled A Dream of Greece) for American Express and was the author of a travel book called “Abroad on Sunday Morning”. During his years in South Africa he was at one stage Chairman of the African Children’s Feeding Scheme, as well as of Johannesburg’s Musica Viva Society.

Despite his total lack of stage experience, in 1952 Taubie Kushlick persuaded him to star in her production of Pick-Up Girl opposite Marilyn Patterson.


Tucker, 1997.

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