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A clown are comic performers who employ slapstick or similar types of physical comedy, often in a mime style. Deriving from amcient Greek and Roman theatre, and the zanni of the commedia dell'arte[1], they are usually associated with the circus, children's parties, parades and or , or sometimes appear as street performers nowadays.

Also known as a jester is some cases.

Afrikaans for a clown is nar, hanswors or paljas.

See also Circus and Harlequin

For more on clowns and clowning, see for example Wikipedia at

Clowns as characters in plays and films

A clown may also appear as a character in a play or film, for example Clown and Goose (Anon), Godspell (Webber and Rice), August, August, August (Kohout),

In some cases the may even appear as a threatening figure, e.g. the so called killer clowns.

Well known South African examples of plays and films featuring a clown or clowns are:


Famous South African clowns

There have been numerous, but the better known include:

Clicko the Clown


Francesco the Clown

Little Alex (Alex Whata)

Spuggy the Clown[2],

Tickey the Clown

Willie the Clown

Others who have performed as clowns on occasion include Bheki Mkhwane, Marc Colli, Ellis Pearson, Tobie Cronje, Jennie Reznek,