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Civic Centres have often been cited as the venue for a performance.

Usually referred to as a Burgersentrum in Afrikaans

Meaning of the term

In the UK, and the former colonies (including South Africa) for the most part, this term would refer to the area in the centre of a town where municipal offices and other public buildings are situated. In latter years it may refer to a purpose built building to house such municipal activities.

In a number of cases the building would include a performance venue of some kind. In some cases a clear distinction is made between a Civic Centre and a Civic Theatre. (See also Town hall, City hall and Civic theatre)

In North America the term likewise may refer to a large public building or complex, but then specifically one used for meetings, sports, and entertainments.

Some Civic Centres used as theatre and performance venues

The Claremont Civic Centre

This is a venue on the corner of Bath and Main Roads in Claremont, Cape Town.

The Fish Hoek Civic Centre

This was the initial venue used by the Fish Hoek Dramatic Society and its One-Act Play Festival, before it relocated to the Fish Hoek High School Theatre.

The George Civic Centre

The Oudtshoorn Civic Centre

Alberton Civic Centre


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