Cedric Sundström

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Cedric Sundström (1948- ) is a South African film producer, director and screen writer. His brother is Neal Sundström, also a film director. They are from Swedish descent.

Cedric Sundström's credits as film director include: Suffer Little Children... (Short) (1976); Song and Dance Man (TV Movie) (1983); The Mountain (TV Movie) (1984); Samantha's Men (TV Movie) (1985); Captive Rage (1988); The Shadowed Mind (feature film) (1988); American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (feature film) (1989); The Revenger (feature film) (1990); American Ninja 4: The Annihilation(feature film) (1990); Dark Desires: Diana (TV Movie) (1994); If This Be Treason (TV Movie) (1998); Duty Calls (TV Series documentary) (2000); The Foster Gang (TV Movie documentary) (2001); The Suitcase Killers (TV Movie documentary) (2002); Cold Stone Jug (TV Movie) (2003);