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Mr L.P. Cauvin (18**-18**) (also referred to as L. Cauvin, Petrus Cauvin or simply Cauvin) was a Cape Town businessman and theatre owner, living at 33 Wale Street in Cape Town.

He is first mentioned regarding theatrical activities in 1829, when he was in charge of the subscription lists for a charity performance in aid of the survivors of the French ship L'Eole, wrecked on the east coast. Planned as a joint performance by an English, a Dutch and a French company, it ended up as a performance on 11 July by two English companies only: the English Theatrical Amateur Company and the Cape Town Amateur Company.

He next appears as one of the two trustees to whom William White sold a piece of ground on Constitution Hill to erect the Drury Lane Theatre (the other was John Francis Long). It would appear the three were the owners and managers of that theatre from 1846 to about 1848, when White put the theatre and its costumes and sets up for sale, along with his other Cape properties, as he was emigrating. Apparently bought by L.P. Cauvin for £235. The theatre closed in 1851.


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