Cardboard Dreams

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by Janice Honeyman. A musical about street life, focussing on youth, and real life issues such as Aids and crime. Produced at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre in 2002, directed by Janice Honeyman with Chad Abrahams, Boshadi Nkomo, Francois Toerien and music legends Danny Dantonio, P J Powers and Desmond Dube. ** and 200 street kids. Cardboard Dreams. This vibrant new musical, written and directed by Janice Honeyman, teams big names like PJ Powers, Desmond Dube and Lazarus Mlangeni with 200 street children. Real life issues such as Aids and crime are addressed in an honest way, but the tempo is lively and full of humour. It is also a celebration of young and new talent. The children have been actively involved in workshops since 2000 and the work they have done will come to fruition in the musical. The fact that 200 street children will be performing on the huge stage set with acclaimed artists is a world first in itself. However, these are not the only children to be involved in the musical. Hundreds more are involved in making the sets and costumes, making the programmes, and will have the opportunity to visit the Nelson Mandela Theatre for one of the three performances. For many of them this will also be a first.

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