Capitol Theatre

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The Capitol Theatre is the name of a theatre and cinema venue in Pretoria.

Origins and specifications

An ornate “atmospheric” theatre built in 1931 on north western corner of Church Square, on the site of the original President Theatre (later Empress Theatre and His Majesty's Theatre), which had been acquired by African Consolidated Theatres in 1918.


Numerous productions were done there, including ****, *** and

Conversion to a bioscope

In 19** it was converted to a popular bioscope (movie house) ,

Closure and fate

in 197* closed down. The South African government now asked the the architectural firms Botha, Lotter and partners and Daneel and Smit to make proposals for developing this theatre into a opera building, a drama theatre and to create extra office space. After long consultation it is found that it is structurally impossible and the idea shifted to building an entirely new theatre, the State Theatre Pretoria on the old market square.

From then till 1998 its vast interior was used as a parking garage for the Transvaal Provincial Administration. In 1998 moves were once more set afoot to resurrect it as a theatre, but seemingly to no avail.

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