Cape Heart Community and Educational Theatre Company

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CAPE HEART COMMUNITY AND EDUCATIONAL THEATRE COMPANY. Founded in 1997 to do outreach work and youth theatre for schools n the Cape. Members include Ivan Abrahams, Shaun Arnolds, Andre Samuels, Gert du Preez, Sizwe Msutu, Mary Dreyer, Onica Louw and Mark Hoeben. ** Theatre has proven to be an invaluable tool in the broaching of sensitive socio-economic issues in a non-threatening and non-intimidating manner. With the closure of CAPAB drama department, seven ex-employees formed a Theatre Company in an attempt to continue the work that CAPAB Educational Drama Department used to do. Cape Heart Community and Educational Theatre cc. came into existence in May 1997. In it's short time of operation, not only has it obtained the tender to host the annual BP Showcase, it has also succeeded in getting the contract to do an Educational Theatre Project for ESCOM Western Cape. The response was so overwhelming that some of the big Corporate Companies made use of this educational show for the purpose of staff training and development. Annually some 20 000 learners gain valuable insight from our programmes presented. In 1999, the process of re-registering the company as a non-profit organisation was initiated. This decision based on research results clearly indicating that most sponsors find this type of organization one in which they would gladly invest. More recently we registered with the Department of Social Development as a Non Profit Organisation in order to do public fund raising. With the new tax laws for Public Benifit Organisations, we are in the proccess of registering under section 18. This will give public and private companies the inisitives to donate and in return they get tax rebates. Given the alarming rate at which HIV/AIDS is spreading throughout the world, Cape Heart decided to undertake a project focusing on social education. Given the nature of South African social history, we affirm the need to make a clear position on the key questions related to educating our youth. Cape Heart incorporated AMASA UBUNTU in 1999. A short-term accommodation and counseling centre for people affected by HIV/AIDS in Woodstock accommodate 17 people at any time. (Sponsor opportunities exist) The educational aspect focuses on the issues of school syllabus (particularly the senior grade 12) and AIDS awareness. Other socially related subjects like; Discrimination, Victimization, Gender equality. For our primary learners, we present Programmes on; Nature conservation, Tolerance, Racism, Sex education etc. HIV / Aids related education include; Questions that arise from HIV infection and AIDS. Misconceptions regarding the origins of the virus. Misinformation about promiscuity and sexuality. Inaccuracy concerning the infectiousness of people who carry the virus. Counseling for people infected with and living with HIV / AIDS. Aims and Objectives: Continued research into the field of Theatre-in-Education; Association with other sectors in the field of Educational Theatre; Provision of a bona fide and effective management structure for the running of the organisation; Exploring the medium of Theatre to carry socio-economic messages of utmost importance to the nation; Highlighting the importance of relaying correct and succinct messages regarding socio-economic topics; Exercising the national criteria of reconstruction and development. Applying any profits made for the continuance of other programmes; Responsible and active seeking of viable sponsorship for the many projects; Transcultural interaction.

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