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Lieutenant C. P. Fitzgibbon was an officer in the North Lincolnshire Regiment of Foot which was sent to the Eastern Frontier of the Cape Colony (now the Eastern Province, South Africa) between 1860 and 1862 shortly after the Xhosa cattle-killing movement and famine (1857-1858). The regiment was based in Grahamstown and later in Keiskama Hoek. (Modern spelling: Keiskammahoek.)

He came to the Cape Colony as a Lieutenant.

Lieutenant C. P. Fitzgibbon acted in one production during his stay on the Eastern Frontier.

(North Lincoln Sphinx, Vol 1, No 14, Keiskama Hoek, December 10, 1862, page 270.)


Departed Currah-Camp on January 3, 1860. Accompanied by 1 sergeant and 24 rank and file. Left Port Elizabeth for Grahamstown on March 13, 1860, and arrived in Grahamstown on March 21. Left Grahamstown for Trompetters Post on March 31, 1860.

Contribution to SA theatre performance

October 8, 1860: Acted in the Officers of the Regiment first performance of Sheridan's five-act comedy, The Rivals, (Sir Lucias O'Trigger).

(North Lincoln Sphinx, Vol 1, No 3, Grahamstown, November 1, 1860, page 30.)


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North Lincoln Sphinx Vol 1.

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