Buster Harrison Play Writing Competition

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Name of the annual playwrighting competition instituted in 1933 by the Krugersdorp Municipal Dramatic and Operatic Society (KMDOS), in memory of their founder and first treasurer. Originally a one-off competition in 1932, won by P.W.S. Schumann's Hantie Kom Huistoe, the competition was for both in English and Afrikaans one-act plays. Schumann however dominated the competition so completely until 1939 with plays such as Virtue Rewarded, Of Unsound Mind, Bly by jou Lees, Kromhoutsap and Local Colour, that KMDOS changed the award in 1940 to recognise the most promising and rounded actor instead. (See Du Toit, 1988; Du Toit ,1985) [JH, FdV]

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