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Bloedbroers ("blood brothers") may refer to (1) a play by Kobus J. Kotze or (2) a TV drama series produced for kykNet (2015)

Bloedbroers: The stage play

An into Afrikaans translation of Athol Fugard's famous stage play Bloodknot by Kobus J. Kotze, this was originally performed at the Absa KKNK in 2009, directed by Zane Meas with Christo Davids and Hennie Jacobs.

For more on the play, also see The Blood Knot

Bloedbroers: The TV series


Bloedbroers is a 13 x 1 hour drama series produced for kykNet by Deon Opperman Productions and aired September – December 2015)

Written by Deon Opperman

For more details on the production, the cast and the crew, see

The series

Set during a incredibly tumultuous period of the Afrikaner's development between 1914 and 1948, the story follows the lives of four young men - "Willem", "P.G.", "Gerhard" and "Bennie" over that period, and their involvement in and responses to a series of crucial events, including the 1914 Rebellion, the 1922 mine workers' rebellion, the depression of the 1930s, the uncertain times during World War II and the build-up to the infamous 1948 election.


KKNK theatre programme, 2009.

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