At the Barn

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At the Barn is a comedy in three acts by Anthony P. Wharton (1877–1943)[1]

The original text

Called "an idyll in three acts", it was first performed by Marie Tempest at the Prince of Wales theatre, London (1911 – 1912) and the Prince’s Theatre, Bristol (1912 – 1913). First performed in the USA at the Artef Comedy Theatre, New York from November 30 into December, 1914.

The text was published in London and New York by Samuel French in 1912.

Translations and adaptations

Performed in Italian in Milan under the title Mollie, where Puccini apparently saw it in September 1913 and acquired the rights to the play with the idea of extracting a libretto for an opera from it. However, nothing came of the idea.

Performance history in South Africa

1919: Performed by a touring company in South Africa, with a cast that included Hilda Attenboro. Probably the Marie Tempest company.


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