Arthur Goldreich

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Arthur Goldreich. (December 25, 1929 - May 24, 2011) [1]. Abstract artist and designer.


Born in Johannesburg, he was an active anti-apartheid campaigner from his youth. Goldreich initially settled in Israel, where he participated in the 1948 war as a member of the Palmach, the military wing of the Haganah. By the age of 33, he returned to South Africa, where he became one of the country's most successful artists. In 1955, he won South Africa's Best Young Painter Award for his figures in black and white.

In 1963 he was arrested for his direct involvement in the Rivonia plot and the armed struggle, but escaped with Harold Wolpe and went back to Israel. In time he became a leading figure at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. In 1966, he became the head of Industrial and Environmental Design Department, which he helped transform into an internationally recognized center for design. Goldreich lived in the city of Herzliya.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

He worked with Dorkay House [?*]and designed the sets and costumes for the 1959 production of Union Artists’s King Kong and for The Emperor Jones in 1960.

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Arthur Goldreich obituary [2].

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