Annette et Lubin

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Annette et Lubin is an opéra-comique in one act, with a text attributed to Madame Justine Favart (1727–1772) [1]and Claude-Henri de Fusée, abbé de Voisenon (1708–1775)[2] , and music by Adolphe Benoît Blaise (died 1772)[3].

The original text

Based on a moral story about two real persons, Marie Schmitz and Gilles Dewalt of Spa, written by Jean-François Marmontel in 1761. Favart's version was but one of a number of dramatized versions performed in that year. For example, one by the same name was written and produced by Jean-Benjamin de Laborde on 30 March 1762, in the Théâtre du Maréchal de Richelieu. The Favart version seems to have been the most popular though.

First performed on 15 February, 1762, in the Théâtre-Italien, and later at Fontainebleau on 27 October. The text was published in the same year.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1804: Performed in the African Theatre by the Het Fransche Liefhebbery Geselschap under the leadership of C.M. Villet on Saturday 7 January with Le Tonnelier (Audinot).


Facsimile version of the 1862 French text, Google E-book[4]

F.C.L. Bosman, 1928. Drama en Toneel in Suid-Afrika, Deel I: 1652-1855. Pretoria: J.H. de Bussy. [5]: pp. 89.

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