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Annelise van der Ryst (1948- ) is a South African stage, radio and television actress and a lay preacher.

Her name and surname has been spelled in a variety of ways over the years, including: Annalise van der Ryst, Annelize van der Ryst or Anneliese van der Ryst, Annalise van der Rijst, Annelize van der Rijst or Anneliese van der Rijst. In addition, she sometimes includes her married name and is then credited as Annelize van der Ryst-Hattingh.


She trained at the Stellenbosch University Drama Department.

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

Stage roles include The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-moon Marigolds , The Anniversary, Elizabeth I and in Die Goeie Mens van Sezuan. She produced The Maids.

Television roles include Agter Elke Man and Dokter, Dokter (1967-77), and the role of "Matron Netta Nortjé" in the popular Afrikaans television soap opera, 7de Laan,.

Film roles include Mrs. Jaekel in Skelms (1980).


SACD 1978/79

Lig, 25 June 2003.

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