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Koos Kombuis (1954-) Anarchic Afrikaans poet, writer, storyteller, singer, cabaret writer and bohemian cult figure.

Also known as André Leroux du Toit', André Letoit, Koos A. Kombuis or simply Koos Kombuis. ,


Born André le Roux du Toit on 5 November 1954 in Cape Town, he completed his schooling in Pretoria. He attended a number of universities, but never completed his studies.


Raka – Die roman, (Human en Rousseau, 2005)

Contribution to South African Theatre, Film, Media and Performance

His writings formed the basis for the seminal Afrikaans rock-cabaret of 1988* entitled Piekniek by Dingaan (directed by Gerrit Schoonhoven), the banning of which caused a furore at CAPAB, and which went on to become a sensation at the Grahamstown Festival of that year and enjoy a successful and influential private run at the Baxter Theatre. In many ways the production, following on the more intellectual cabarets of Hennie Aucamp, signalled the arrival of a really aggressive Afrikaans anti-apartheid protest theatre.

In 199* he wrote another cabaret for the University of Stellenbosch Drama Department entitled ****, which was performed in ***. His lyrics and songs are also used widely in satirical and other cabaret and revue work.

He wrote Raka: Die Musical under the name Andre Letoit, a performance text published by DALRO [2005?]



Rene Marais. 1983. "Tagtig is great, no doubt, and Letoit its prophet" (met apologie aan T.T. Cloete), Ensovoort (Vol 3, No 1) [1]

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