An Ideal Husband

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An Ideal Husband (1895) is a play by Oscar Wilde.

Performance history in South Africa

1969: Opened in the Civic Theatre, Johannesburg on 18 June 1969. Directed by Anthony Sharp for Pieter Toerien and Basil Rubin in association with Peter Bridge. Set and costumes designed by Anthony Holland. The cast included Richard Todd, Jean Kent, Vanessa Lee, Peter Graves, Derek Bond, Elizabeth Knight, Joyce Grant, Eileen Page, Diane Bester, Leader Hawkins, Malcolm Sykes, Gaenor Becker, Peter Bevis, David Goatham, Fred Stone.

2003: Presented by Pemads and directed by Helen Flax with Musical Director Jandy Offerman, Lighting Director David Whitehouse at the PEMADS Little Theatre to celebrate Noel Morgan's 50 illustrous years in theatre. Starring Bob Law as the Earl of Caversham, Brett Adkins as Viscount Goring, Andrew Horne as Sir Robert Chiltern, John Rousseau as Viscomte de Nanjac, Mark Farrow as Mr Montford and Phipps, Andy Cheeseman as Mason, Gilda Gill as The Duchess of Maryborough, Linda-Louise Swain as Lady Chiltern, Barbara Woodhead as Lady Markby, Janet Hibberd as Countess of Basildon, Yolande Farrow as Mrs Marchmont, Tanya Taylor as Miss Mabel Chiltern, Lesley Barnard as Mrs Cheveley. Featuring the Palm Court Quartet.


Tucker, 1997.

Teater SA, 1(4), 1969.

Original Pemads theatre programme, An Ideal Husband, 2003.

Theatre programme held by NELM (1969 production): NELM Location: [Collection: KORT, Maurice]: 2012. 379. 2. 45.

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