Amy Coleridge

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Amy Coleridge (186*-1951) was a British actress


Born Amy Matilda Cowbrick (or Cowlrick), but used the stage name Amy Coleridge.

She married actor-director William Haviland married in Chicago on 18 February 1884. They had two children, a son (an actor, who died in South Africa in 1924) and a daughter (possibly the actress Augusta Haviland). She and Haviland were later divorced, possibly 1901.

She and Haviland came to South Africa as members of the Holloway Theatre Company in 1895. She played Desdemona in Othello and Cordelia in King Lear at the Standard Theatre in Johannesburg.

In 1897 she returned with the Haviland and Lawrence Shakespearian & Dramatic Company to appear in their season of Shakespearian plays at the Port Elizabeth Opera House on January 3 & 4, 1898, directed by William Haviland and co-starring William Haviland and Gerald Lawrence.

In 1902 she appeared in three Broadway productions, but the apparently returned to South Africa to play for Leonard Rayne for many years and become a speech and drama teacher.

She next married the actor Percy Anstey in 1906. Her maiden name was and his real name was Percival Louis Page Phillips) and eventually she married Archibald Brough Pearce. Amy died in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa on 4 August 1951.


Eastern Province Herald, January 3, 1898.

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