Amelda Brand

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Amelda Brand (197*-) Actress, singer, puppeteer and director for community theatre.




She studied drama at the Stellenbosch University Drama Department.


Amelda worked for the Breughel Theatre and the Libertas Theatre Club, being chair of the latter organisation for three years (1995-1998).

Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

As a student she appeared on stage in Die Renosters (1994), Die Sewe Doodsondes (1995), Plague of Innocence (1995), Prometheus (1996) and The Seagull (1996).

As an actress worked for the Spektrum Produksies in shows such as Rooikêppetjie (2002). She directed Meermin (KKNK 2004).

Really made her mark with her educational puppetry work and her community work in Stellenbosch. She ran a theatre workshop with female farm workers which led to performances such as Hoe issie lewe oor die Krismis (1998) and the founding of an empowering performance group called The Pretty Ladies from the same community.

Awards, etc


Die Burger, 6 April 2004.

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