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Aida is a four-act opera by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) with an Italian libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni.

The original text

A political drama centred around power struggles and jealousies; Aida tells the tale of an Ethiopian princess (Aida) who has been kidnapped in Egypt. She falls in love with General Radames who has been chosen to lead a war with Ethiopia, and the opera follows the conflict of Aida’s love for the General and her country. Against the backdrop of war and loyalty, emotions and loyalties are tested – leading to tragic consequences.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1933: Presented by African Consolidated Theatres at the Alhambra Theatre, conducted by William Pickerill.

1965: Presented by NAPAC Opera.

1971: Presented by CAPAB Opera.

1973: Presented by PACT Opera; presented by CAPAB Opera.

1976: Presented by NAPAC Opera.

1985: Presented by CAPAB Opera (16 March – 10 April)

1988: Presented by CAPAB Opera, with soprano Virginia Davids in the title role (13–31 August)

1991: Presented by CAPAB Opera (24 April – 13 May)

1993: Presented by CAPAB Opera (27 September – 17 October)

1999: Presented by Cape Town Opera (2–17 October)

2002: Presented by Cape Town Opera (1–17 August)

2008: Presented by Cape Town Opera (2–10 October)


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