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Agapé (= "The love of god") was founded in 1979 by Keith Fredericks in Heideveld, Cape Town. An amateur Christian group, whose aim is to bring messages of remonstration, hope and upliftment. Over the years they toured throughout the Cape Province, though by the end of the 1980s performances were irregular. Among the original Afrikaans plays (written by Fredericks) which they put on were 'n Nuwe Lewe ("A new life" - 1982), Onskudige straf ("Innocent punishment" - 198*), Man van smarte ("Man of sorrows"- 1985), Die einde kom ("The end is coming" - 1985), and Tevergeefs die poging ("In vain the effort/attempt" - 1984). (See Smith, 1990)

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