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Afrikaans-Nederlands ("Afrikaans-Dutch") is the name given to courses in the Afrikaans language at most South African Universities for the first half of the 20th century, at least. Also found as Afrikaans en Nederlands in some cases.

Part of such a course would consist of studies of Dutch language and literature (in the same way as Anglo Saxon and Middle English were included in English curricula), since the Afrikaans language and literature was seen as a derivative of the Dutch. Many of the early lecturers came from Holland, and it is was for long an established tradition for post-graduate work in Afrikaans to be undertaken at Dutch universities in Holland.

By late 20th century however, as local linguistic expertise grew and led to a recognition that the language had far more roots than Dutch alone; and as the body of Afrikaans literary writing expanded, some departments have begun to refer to the courses and the departments as Afrikaans only.


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