African Jim

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A film by Eric Rutherford and Donald Swanson (1949) (later renamed Jim Comes to Jo'burg, apparently the first all-Black feature-length film made in South Africa.

Produced in 1949 the film, was written and directed by Donald Swanson, and produced by Eric Rutherford, with Daniel Adnewmah, Dolly Rathebe, Sam Maile, , Dan Twala, Willie Nxumalo, Woody Woodthorpe, Victor Mkize, Sampson, Alfred Komo, The Jazz Maniacs and The African Inkspots.

Cinematography was by Ronnie Shears, set design by Gloria Green and sound recording by Ken Taylor.

The later title (Jim Comes to Jo'burg) became the source a well known expression and a much used theme in writing ad art in the country. (See Jim comes to Jo'burg)


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