A Warning to Readers of ESAT

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Right from the start the Editorial team want to point out that this is the first version of what is, and must necessarily be, an ongoing longer term project and that readers should be aware that virtually everyone using the Encyclopaedia's ESAT database will inevitably be disappointed by something in the work. However, we accept this as part of the process. It is unavoidable that the entries will vary vastly – from exceedingly complete to very scant, since often only partial information could be found in the sources available. Dates of birth and death for example, are sometimes difficult to find, while details of an organisation’s structure and history are frequently unrecorded. At times we only found the names of people or theatres involved in a particular production. However, in view of the basic aims of this publication, we felt that even the slightest bit of information, a mere mention of a name or a place, is ultimately more useful than none at all, so we have used the entries anyway. In some cases we have indicated that the data is incomplete by stating inserting an asterisk (*). Should readers have information on any of these cases, or even about the (undoubtedly numerous) entries we have ommitted, we would value your communicating with us. (See Updating ESAT.)

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