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The 10th Regiment of the British forces was stationed in Cape Town circa and in King Williams Town on the Eastern Cape border circa 1863-69. The officers apparently put on some performances during their term of duty in these places, using the Theatre Royal in Cape Town and probably a venue in the garrison on the border.

Performances mentioned include:

According to the Cape Argus of 15 September 1863 (as cited by Bosman, 1980: p. 298), they performed The Dead Shot (Buckstone) and The Shepherd of Ettrick Vale (Lynch) in King Williams Town during September, and were planning a "locally adapted" Great Christmas Pantomime for December. Whether the latter took place or not is not quite certain.

In 1864, the Second Battalion of this regiment, stationed in Cape Town, is reported to have put on a number of performances in the Theatre Royal, among them My Husband's Ghost (Morton), Little Toddlekins (Mathews), Used Up (Boucicault), The Irish Tutor (Butler),

In 1865, after the first battalion had left, the First Battalion of this same regiment is reported to have also put on a number of performances in the Theatre Royal, including The Spectre Bridegroom (Moncrieff), Urgent Private Affairs (Coyne), Slasher and Crasher (Morton), Hollybush Hall, or The Track in the Snow (Suter), Wanted 1000 Spirited Young Milliners for the Gold Diggings (Coyne), The Inchcape Bell (Fitzball) and The Thumping Legacy (Morton).


F.C.L. Bosman, 1980. Drama en Toneel in Suid-Afrika, Deel II, 1856-1916. Pretoria: J.L. van Schaik: p. 298

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