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Hitlers Slaap Ook ("Hitlers also sleep") is an Afrikaans one-act play by Pirow Bekker (1935-).

Also known as 'n Pop met die Naam Hitler

The original text

An unsettling play about a young man returning from military duty during the South African border wars in the 1970s and finding a young babysitter in his father's home. The meeting/confrontation between the two young people explores the anxieties and dreams of the times.

Written in 1979/80 as a commissioned work for a planned one-act play collection, it was initially tried out by Dinkteater in Pretoria under the title 'n Pop met die Naam Hitler ("a doll with the name Hitler"), after which the author made a number of alterations and changed the title to Hitlers Slaap Ook for the collection.

Published in the collection Die Kleiner Kosmos. 'n Versameling Eenbedrywe (H&R Academica, 1980). The collection was a set work for Afrikaans language studies at high schools in various provinces in the period.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1979: First performed (as 'n Pop met die Naam Hitler) by Dinkteater in Pretoria, directed by Danie Burger.


P.P.B. Breytenbach and Temple Hauptfleisch. 1980. Die Kleiner Kosmos. 'n Versameling Eenbedrywe. Pretoria, H&R Academica.

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