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Een Bruid in de Morgen ("A bride in the morning") is a Dutch play by Hugo Claus (1929–2008)[1].

The original text

Written in 1953, it was the first full-length play by Claus, and was originally performed in Holland in 1955, directed by Ton Lutz. Published in the same year.

Translations and adaptations

Translated into Afrikaans as 'n Bruid in die Môre (or sometimes referred to as Bruid in die Môre) by Jan Rabie circa 1959. Text published by DALRO as Bruid in die Môre in 1969.

Performance history in South Africa

1959: Jan Rabie's Afrikaans translation 'n Bruid in die Môre was produced by the National Theatre Organisation in its NTO Kamertoneel, directed by visiting Belgian director Tone Brulin, with Pieter Geldenhuys, Wilma Stockenström, Laurika Meerkotter, Joan Brink and Dale Swanepoel. Stage manager: Athol Fugard

1959: A subsequent NTO Kamertoneel production in Bellville, opening 5 October 1959, was directed by Pietro Nolte, with Wilma Stockenström, Pieter Bredenkamp, Chris Fourie, Joey de Koker and Tossie Lochner. Stage manager: Athol Fugard, decor by Frank Graves.

1963: Presented in Afrikaans by Universiteitsteater Stellenbosch in 1963, directed by Fred Engelen, with Elise Ziervogel, Fred Engelen, Annatjie Vorster, Franz Marx and Cynthia Dekker. Lighting by Jo Gevers, décor by Cynthia Dekker and stage management by Carmen Haddad.

1972: Performed in Afrikaans in the P.U. Kamertoneel, Potchefstroom, during March, directed by Franz Marx with Estelle de Waal, Pierre van Pletzen, Heleen le Roux, Henk Wijbenga and Cornel Landman.

1977: Performed in Afrikaans translation by the Libertas Teaterklub in Stellenbosch in April, directed by Marie van Heerden, with Danny Fourie (Pattini, die vader), Leona Rich (Die moeder), Juanita Swanepoel (Andrea, die dogter), Deon Bosman (Thomas, die seun) and Esther du Toit (Hilda, die niggie). Décor and lighting by Emile Aucamp.

1979: Godfrey Meintjes, Neil Sonnekus and others starred in a production of 'n Bruid in die Môre directed by André P. Brink for the Department of Speech and Drama and the Department of Afrikaans and Nederlands at Rhodes University on 9-10 August.

1984: Universiteitsteater Stellenbosch staged the Afrikaans translation in September, directed by Noël Roos, with Christo Crous, Ronel Richter, Jozua van der Lugt, Wanda van Zyl and Rouxnette du Preez.

1997: The author Hugo Claus visited South Africa, at the invitation of the University of Stellenbosch and the Flemish Festival. In honour of the occasion, the Stellenbosch University Drama Department produced the play with students, directed by Johan Esterhuizen. The cast were Gaerin Hauptfleisch, Lorraine Burger, Paul van Wyk, Marliza Eloff and Derelyn Robb.


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