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O'SHAUGHNESSY, Brian (1931–2001) was a British-born film actor.


He was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, but evacuated during the Second World War to South Africa, where he later found fame as an actor and radio personality.




Contribution to SA theatre, film, media and/or performance

As actor on stage he was seen in Hello, Dolly!, Antony and Cleopatra opposite Dorothy-Ann Gould, Slave Trade (PACOFS), Terra Nova (NAPAC), Buried Inside Extra, The Fan (1994), Broken Glass (1995).

He wrote the play A Time to Die.

His filmography includes: Diamond Walkers (1965); Seven Against the Sun (1967), Rider in the Night (1968); Sandy the Seal (1969); Shangani Patrol (1970); Creatures the World Forgot (1971); Mister Kingstreet's War (1973); Zulu Dawn (1979); Morenga (1985); Rage to Kill (1987); The Emissary (1989); The Evil Below (1989); Act of Piracy (1990); The Power of One (1993); Falling Rocks (2000).

Awards, etc


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The Fan theatre programme, 1994.

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