You Can't Take it With You

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You Can't Take it With You (1936), a farce containing social satire by American playwrights George S. Kaufman & Moss Hart.

Produced by Costa Couvara for the Cape Town Repertory Theatre Society in the Little Theatre in 1943. The cast: Alec Bell, Madeline Legge, Phil Gilbert, Gordon Bridger, Marie Adams, Isaac Pfaff, Pat Faraday, Phyllis Weinrich, Jim Retief, Joan Blake, Leonard Cohen.

Directed by Mavis Taylor at the Little Theatre 10-24.4.10__?. Cast included Robin Smith, Shirley Johnston, Alan Dickinson, Clifford Lilley and Joan Chamberlain.


Trek 7(19):16 1943; 7(21):16, 1943.

World Drama by Allardyce Nicoll. Harrap, 1949.

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