We All Fall Down

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We All Fall Down is a play by Deon Opperman (1962-).

The original text

A complex play for 11 performers described as follows by the author in his Author's Note in the text found in the Stellenbosch Drama Department archives in 2022:

"We All Fall Down is a play about a rehearsal of a play called 1642 by a fictitious author called Robert Duncan; and 1642 is in turn a play about the rehearsal of a play called The Court Secret by James Shirley, a Caroline playwright[1], who wrote for the King's Men who played in the Globe and Blackriars playhouses." Opperman then goes on to give some notes on the way the three levels of the text is renedered in the script.

Translations and adaptations

Performance history in South Africa

1988: Presented by Bold Productions and Diane Kramer in the Baxter Theatre, directed and designed by Gerrit Schoonhoven starring Deon Opperman, Christopher Weare, Patrick Curtis, Norman Coombes, Leon Cloete, Malcolm Terrey, Jonathan Pienaar, Bruce Fields, Diane Kramer, Carol Andrew, Carolyn Barkhuizen. Lighting design by Patrick Curtis and Gerrit Schoonhoven, costumes by Malcolm Terrey.


Die Burger, 15 April 1988.

Baxter Theatre pamphlet

A photocopy of the typed text of We All Fall Down, with an Author's Note and additional handwritten notes by the author, found in the Stellenbosch Drama Department archives in 2022.


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