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[[W.S. Leslie]] (fl. 1870's) was a British [[Christy's]] style singer and performer.
#REDIRECT[[Mr Leslie]]
He was apparently attached to the St James Hall, London and may have been the same [[Mr Leslie]] who first appeared in Cape Town with [[Charles Fraser]] in three pieces during 1858, playing the lead in ''[[A Blighted Being]]'' (Taylor). ('''see [[Charles Fraser]]'''). 
He is most probably one of the three the co-founders of the [[Christy's]] [[troupe]] known as the [[Steele-Leslie-Taylor's Christy's Minstrels]] active in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in 1865 and certainly a member of the touring [[Harvey-Dougherty-Leslie-Braham  Minstrels]],  that visited the Cape Colony for a set of three seasons, between November 1872 and the end of 1874. 
== Sources ==
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