W.H. Parkes

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W.H. Parkes (fl. 1860s) was a musical performer (apparently proficient on several instruments) and company manager.

Parkes and the "talented vocalist and actress" Eugenie Therese arrived in Port Elizabeth from Australia in November 1863, where he rented the Port Elizabeth theatre for a very successful season over the course of the second half of 1864, being joined by Brazier and Mrs Brazier at the end of the year. . He continued there in the first part of 1865, but now attendances began to drop and he began to consider going to Cape Town with the company. But Brazier did not want to go so Parkes carried on , but now in the face of great competition from visiting Christy's companies. In August he began to collaborate with Mrs Tellett, but this could not avert the end, and by the end of the year the Parkes' Company was apparently no more.

Productions by Parkes' Company

1865: Performed All is not Gold that Glitters on 31 July, with Mrs Clara Tellett appearing as "Martha Gibbs".