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''[[Villikins and his Dinah]]'' is a farce written by Francis C. Burnand (1836-1917)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F._C._Burnand]
''[[Villikins and his Dinah]]'' is a tragico-comico [[burlesque]] in one act by Francis C. Burnand (1836-1917)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F._C._Burnand]

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Villikins and his Dinah is a tragico-comico burlesque in one act by Francis C. Burnand (1836-1917)[1]

According to Wikipedia[2], Burnand's play was one of at least two farces written to exploit the popularity of the popular stage song Villikins and his Dinah, which emerged in England in 1853 as a burlesque version of a traditional ballad called "William and Dinah". Immensely popular, the tune was later adopted for many other songs, including "Sweet Betsy from Pike". The other farce based on the song is Willikind and hys Dinah (1854) by J. Stirling Coyne.