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Veldslag ("Battle") is an Afrikaans TV mini series directed by Danie Odendaal.

The mini series

The script was written by Karel Schoeman, being a TV adaptation of his first novel, Veldslag (1965) and the film was directed by Danie Odendaal.

The credited cast of the series consisted of Michele Burgers, Ian Roberts, Wilma Stockenström, Cissy Thompson (as Catherine Thompson), Trix Pienaar, Cobus Rossouw, Franz Gräbe, Philip Moolman, (as Phillip Moolman), Marie-Anne Fischer, Lida Botha, Pieter de Bruyn, Milla Louw, Marna Gey van Pittius, André Stolz, Steve van der Merwe, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Alida Theron, Flip Theron, Nana Stapelberg, Isobel Pienaar, (as Isabel Pienaar), Siegfried Mynhardt, Pieter Coetzee, Francois Viljoen, Martin le Maitre Leon van Heerdenand Willie Visagie.

Produced by Danie Odendaal Produksies (supervising producer Sandra Kotzé, executive producer Deon van Zyl), with a management, creative and technical crew that included:

Shaun Naidoo (music), Tobie Swanepoel (cinematography), Margaret Fieldgate (editing), Marlene Prinsloo (art direction), Lisa Perry and Sue Steele (costume design), Glen Bosman (production manager), Ilse van der Merwe (set designer), Mike Berridge (final mix), Rüdiger Payrhuber (sound), Danny Becker (lighting), Erna Ziegelmeier (costumier), Margaret Fölscher and Rosa Keet (script editors) and Narike Lintvelt (continuity).

For more detail on the production team, cast and crew, see the entry on IMDb[1]

Broadcast history in South Africa

The mini-series was first broadcast by the SABC on 23 August, 1990,

Translations and adaptations


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