Valley Song

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by Athol Fugard. A play about a young girl's ambition to become a singer?*. First performed at the Market Theatre in 1996 with ** and **. KKNK 1996. Brought to the Baxter Theatre in 2003 by Mannie Manim Productions, featuring Quanita Adams, Ivan Abrahams, **and directed by Barbara Rubin. In 2005 an opera version of the play was performed in the Spier Amphitheatre]] in Stellenbosch, with score by ***, libretto by Guy Willougby?** and directed by ***. In March 2006 an Afrikaans version by Idil Sheard, entitled ***, was done in the ** [see piece in CESAT Material] at Nieu Bethesda, . First published by ** in 200**. The Afrikaans version published in 200* by **

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